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Cellphone users are asking for better in-store services, driven largely by lack of visibility into the health of their batteries. With current and potential new customers feeling helpless that their batteries don’t hold as much charge as they used to, they are turning to the internet and finding information that doesn’t solve their individual battery problems. The C5100B removes the guesswork of low runtimes in cell phones, and turns you and your staff into battery experts. Testing the battery gives the user a clear assessment of battery performance in 4 minutes.

The Cadex C5100B cellphone battery analyzer imroves customer care, increases revenue by creating a captive audience in your store during the 4-minute test, and reduce your environmental footprint by decreasing the number of batteries prematurely discarded.

US patent 7,622,929 in battery SoH estimation.


Increase Revenue and Customer Satisfaction

Mobile phone users have been asking for better storefront services and battery testing fills this need in part. On a customer’s complaint saying, “my phone does not hold charge,” the C5100B may give a battery a clean bill of health, prompting to look for other anomalies, such as high current drain. Some customers may need to adjust to realistic runtimes expectations when running power-robbing apps; battery swapping won’t help. Cell phone store

What's new with the cadex c5100b?

As part of continued improvements, Cadex engineers have achieved remarkable advancements in battery rapid-test technology. The C5100B can now test mobile phone batteries up to 4,000mAh with a common parameter. This eliminates the selection of battery-specific Q-codes.
  • Test range of QuickSort 4 (QS4) increased to 4,000mAh. Tests single-cell Li-ion.
  • Generic parameter tests all batteries; automatically chooses best algorithm.
  • Capacities and voltages can be entered directly without scrolling through C-codes.
  • Pass/fail selection from 60–90%. Default setting is 80%.
  • Tests battery in 4 minutes with state-of-charge of 20% and above.
  • Other programs include CHARGE, CYCLE and BOOST.
  • Compatible with QS1 and QS3 sorting algorithms.


the secret behind QuickSort™ 

QuickSort 4 (QS4) uses Electrochemical Dynamic Response with Multi-dimensional Normalization to sort Li-ion batteries into Good and Poor. QS4 does not use Q-codes but requires entering battery capacity and voltage. The pass/fail capacity can be selected from 60–90% Test time is 4 minutes.

Low charge and capacity-loss appear similar. The patent pending QS4 separates these two characteristics and reads capacity with state-of-charge of 20% and above.
QuickSort technology

Simple operation

Three action keys make the operation intuitive:
  • TEST checks the battery in 4 minutes
  • CHARGE charges a battery in 3 hours
  • CYCLE provides a full charge/discharge/charge cycle
  • Arrow keys select battery type by C-code
A full service provides capacity readout in mAh and calibrates smart batteries.
C5100 Top View

qs4 vs. software app

As an alternative, apps are available that provide SoC and SoH estimations in mobile phones. These software solutions appear to work at first but inaccuracies develop once the device is broken in. This coincides with aging once the unit has been in use for a while when battery fade becomes apparent.

QS4 takes a "snapshot" of the chemical battery to give a true picture of battery SoH, unencumbered of peripheral readings that lose the ability to track the battery over time.

awaking sleeping LI-ION BATTERIES

Batteries often fail due to over-discharge. Boost reactivates “sleeping” batteries and returns them to full service. Hold the TEST key to initialize BOOST. Follow instructions.

Test sample:  Of 294 returned batteries, 91% reached 80% and higher capacities; 30% needed Boost

storefront and no further

Servicing batteries on location builds customer confidences and protects the environment. Check-out time is quick; if a battery has a genuine fault, an alternate pack may be given from the pool of pre-tested batteries.

A typical store gets 10 batteries a day; handling is $15US per pack ($150 per day). Ten stores participated for one month using Cadex battery analyzers. The trial saved close to 2,000 batteries at a cost saving of nearly $30,000.



PC-BatteryStore™ software provides an extension to battery testing by storing customer information, recording anomalies and printing service report carrying the name of your business. Equally important, PC-BatteryStore™ streamlines battery testing to increase customer traffic and generate additional revenue. You can record and export test results to a database and evaluate how batteries perform across multiple locations.
  • Provides customers with a receipt or service report
  • Records, analyzers and exports battery test results
  • Imports battery information from Cadex Battery Database
  • Allows downloading updates
C5100 Battery Analyzer



The universal RigidArm™ Adapter allows easy connection to mobile phone batteries. Spring-loaded arms lock in the upright position for quick loading, a retractable floor holds batteries vertically, and temperature sensor ensures safe operation.
  • Quick setup, enables repeat action
  • Holds 10 common mAh settings
  • Compatible with SnapLock™ adapters

The Cadex C5100B also accepts custom SnapLock™ adapters. (The limited power of the C5100B may prolong service.)

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RigidArm Adapter

Part Number: 07-110-0192

smartconnect for smartphones

Some smartphones have non-removable batteries, but these also need testing. The C5100B enables access with the SmartConnect and FlexStrip.

With open device, unplug the battery cable from the phone socket and insert it into a fitting socket on the FlexStrip. This enables testing without removing the battery. The package comes with the SmartConnect and two FlexStrips, one serving as spare, to service these devices:

Apple iPhone
  • 5, 5c, 5s
  • 6, 6 Plus
  • 6s, 6s Plus
  • 7, 7 Plus

Samsung Galaxy
  • s6, s6 Edges
  • 7, s7 Edge

Part Number: 07-111-6150
SmartConnect and 2 FlexStrips

Part Number: 92-470-0061
6 FlexStrips per package

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SmartConnect is a universal cable connecting to the FlexStrip

Smartphone battery connects to FlexStrip


The printer generates test reports, receipts and customer vouchers after servicing a battery. PC-BatteryStore™ allows you to enter store information into the printer to customize the print format. The printer will then run off the C5100B without a PC.

Part Number: 00-004-3092

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Thermal Receipt Printer



Application Single-station lithium-ion battery tester
Range 3.6V and 7.2V nominal, 2A, 8W charge and discharge. Polarity protected.
Analyzer automatically choses a lower C-rate when exceeding 2A.
Battery Adapter Includes one adapter of your choice (e.g. RigidArm, FlexArm, or SmartConnect). Also takes SnapLock™ adapters; auto-scales when exceeding wattage/current setting. Read-only function; programmable with PC-BatteryStore™; temperature sensor. (The limited power of the C5100 may prolong service.)
QuickSort™ QS1 (600–1,500mAh), QS3 (use of Q-codes) and QS4 (generic, user-entry of voltage and mAh). QS4 services 3.6V Li-ion up to 4,000mAh with a state-of-charge of 20% and above.
Line Voltages 100-240VAC, 50/60Hz
Programs TEST:        4 minutes QuickSort™
CHARGE: 3-hour fast charge
CYCLE:    Charge/discharge/charge
BOOST:    Reactivates batteries
Display 2x20, backlit; Run, Ready, Fail signal lights
Data Ports USB, RS232 for unit upgrades
Physical H 92mm (3.6”); W 160mm (6.3”); L 285mm (11.2”); 0.82kg (1.8lb.) net C-ABS housing
Approvals CSA/UL/EN60950, CE mark, RoHS, WEEE
Warranty Two (2) year material and workmanship

PC-BatteryStore™ Software

Expandability One unit per PC
Computer requirements Windows O/S, Ethernet connection, 1.2 GHz processor, 512 MB RAM
10 GB storage memory


C5100B Tutorial - QuickSort


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